Monochrome - Peli - Watch Case 10 - Black


We always look for top-quality solutions to our watch-addict problems. Tired of going through box after box in search of the one watch you want to wear that day? Want to take a couple of watches with you but keep them safe in the process? Want to neatly store your watches and protect them from dust and water?

Not to worry, we have the perfect solution for you; the MONOCHROME Peli Case. The Peli Case concept is world-renowned for its lightweight, solid construction and excellent storage capabilities. We’ve gone the extra mile to make it perfectly suited for not 1 but 10 watches! A custom foam insert holds up to 10 of your beloved watches in generously sized pockets.

The individual foam watch tubes are custom made for us, and offer flexibility where you need it. Smaller, vintage watches fit just as easily as a watch sized 45mm in diameter or more. The lid on the MONOCHROME Peli Case 10 is lined with similar protective foam bearing our MONOCHROME logo. The double locking mechanism keeps the watches in, but water and dust out.

The MONOCHROME Peli Case is available in black only.

Outside dimensions: 34,7 x 29,5 x 14,6 cm

Inside dimensions: 30,1 x 22,8 x 13,1 cm

10 generously sized pockets

Kundenspezifische Schaumstoffeinlage

Kundenspezifische Schaumstoff-Uhrenrohre

MONOCHROME Logo in top foam

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