Monochrome - Leather Watch Pouch - Tan


The MONOCHROME Leather Watch Pouch.

For those who want to travel light, and carry along just one extra watch, our MONOCHROME branded leather watch pouch is perfect! It is made from supple veg-tanned leather with a pebbled structure to give it some character.

Each pouch comes with a case protector, to prevent unwanted scratches if worn on a bracelet. The ‘fingers’ on the corners of the protector keep your watch securely in place. The pouches and protectors are stamped with the MONOCHROME logo and have contrasting off-white stitching.

The pouch is available in five different colours: Black, Dark Brown, Navy Blue, Olive Green and Tan. The pouch is 140mm in length by 85mm in width and can hold watches of 46mm in diameter and up without any issue.

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