Keep your essentials safe and organized. Our tray is the perfect place to keep your keys, wallet, phone, EarPods, cables, and maybe your watch - when not on the wrist - nice and neat together.

Simply button up each corner and put it on your nightstand, desk, or side table, and you’re all set. Now you can empty your pockets as soon as you step in the door, or use it for your watch and glasses during the night.

The MONOCHROME Leather Valet Tray is made of the finest black leather and is embossed with our geared-M logo. The tray uses a soft cushioned base so you can safely put down any of your items.

The MONOCHROME Leather Valet Tray is handmade and measures 20cm x 20cm and stands 4.5cm (7,84 x 7,84 x 1,77 inches) tall when buttoned up.

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